Website Design For Small Business Package

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During our Covid-Recovery Special, you’ll receive a deep discount on our retail price of $1,800. We’re pretty sure you won’t find a website design for small business package like this. Read on and discover how this will help you land more customers!

website design with wordpress

Website Design For Small Business

To help companies get through covid, we’re running a deep discount special for building websites with WordPress.

We will remodel your website on our demo server.

Once paid in full, the website is then transferred to your hosting provider.

Save $800 off the retail price of $1,800.

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1 Divi Template

Divi Template

A $150 value
With the world’s most advanced template, choose from 200+ designs.

2 Video Homepage2

Video Homepage

A $300+ value
You’ll get a custom video homepage.

4 SSL Installation

SSL Installation

A $100 value
We install an SSL certificate to keep visitor information safe.



A $100 value
A security plugin for websites. To protect your site from intrusion.

12 Social Media

Social Media Integration

A $50 value
Stream social posts to your site in attractive formats.

cdn thumb


A $100 value
Global servers providing fast delivery of website content.

7 Convert Up To 30 Pages

Tracking Pixels

A $50 value
We install Facebook, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and LinkedIn Pixels to help bring visitors back to your site.

wpr thumb


A $49 value
Creates a blazing fast website with caching and performance optimization.

analytics thumb

Google Analytics

A $50 value
This is installed with Google Site so you can use this data to better understand your site visitors and improve your conversions.

rm thumb


The free SEO plugin to optimize content with built-in suggestions based on best practices.

7 Convert Up To 30 Pages

Convert Up To 30 Pages

A $300 value
We convert up to 30 of your current pages for free.

seo thumb

Onpage SEO

A $1,000 value
This is now a paid service.
Check it out here.


8 One year of Updates

One year of Updates

A $100 value
3 website changes per month for 12 months.

9 Backup Buddy

Backup Service

A $50 value
Have a backup of your website in case it crashes.

10 XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap

A $30 value
Search engines love these for indexing your site.

video thumb

Image + Video Galleries

A $100 value
Display your images and videos in beautiful galleries.

host thumb

Temporary Hosting

No Charge
The site remains on our servers until it is paid in full. Then we transfer it to a server of your choice. No WordPress backend access until it’s paid in full.

A $1,800 value for only $1,000.
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All this for only $1,000.

Save $800 off the retail price of $1,800.

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