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Get your target prospect on the phone in 15 seconds or less, calling their mobile number.

Our B2B Beta-Test Is Launching Soon.

We’ll soon be beta-testing a unique service for you to reach your target prospects in Canada and the United States.

We’ll partner with a limited number of clients per city.
Don’t delay. Register on our waiting list or you might miss out.
This is not a public offering, it’s an invitation only.

You have nothing to lose, except all the new clients you might pass up by not trying this!
Why waste time reaching your prospects via email, gatekeepers or Executive Assistants?
Call directly to their mobile phone.


What You Get Working With Us:

  1. We acquire the B2B data.
  2. We validate phone numbers for mobile and landlines.
  3. We do contact form marketing for those with websites (you cover the captcha).
  4. We email you the list and the reports when it’s all done.

Show us any data house that offers all this in 1 package… yeah we can’t find any either.

Fill In The Form Below To Join Our Waiting List


We Acquire The B2B Data

Submit the industries you target and we gather the phone numbers. Most industries can be found.


We Validate Phone Data

Reach your target B2B prospects faster by calling their mobile phones.


Contact Form Marketing

We provide contact form submissions for those with websites. You cover the captcha.


We Send You The Data

When the list is ready we will send it to your email or you can log into your account to download.

This is a PWA website, so add us to your home screen so you can find us fast.

We do all the hard work:

  • We acquire the data, validate, post to contact forms and send you the reports!
    • We will search and acquire the target data of your choice.

You open up new relationships 🙂

  • All you need to establish new relationships is by replying to contact form responses or getting on the phone and reaching your target prospects fast.

So how much will this cost?

  • We’re looking at a monthly fee of around $200 – cheap huh?
  • Supplying company data is easy. Supplying mobile phone data and contact form posting is way more involved and costly.

How many leads will I get?

  • How many would you like for this price? We’re open to suggestions. We’ll make sure our lead packages are way better than most data houses.

Can I try some free leads to test the quality?

  • Sure, why not. Once the beta-test starts we will send anyone on the waiting list, some free leads, to hear the feedback.

Fill in Google Form below to hop on our waiting list.
Once we launch the beta-test, you will be front and center to give it a spin.

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